Pentti Linkola
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Pentti Linkola

Pentti Linkola is a Finnish ecophilosopher and fisherman. He lives in accordance with his ideals and challenges all of us to do the same. This unofficial Pentti Linkola site is dedicated to Linkola's ideas for those who wish to learn about them, and takes no stance on their morality, accuracy or realism. We do however believe that no thinking person alive today can afford to ignore the issues he raises.

Pentti Linkola Fansite

This fansite is prepared by those who believe that Pentti Linkola's identification of the problem facing humanity, whether or not we agree with his solutions. We won't tell you, because shallow people like to judge things as "morally acceptable" or not, thus ignoring the necessity of actually doing something about the problem. Entire content is copyright © 2007-2013 Pentti Linkola Fansite except where copyright is retained by Mr. Linkola himself.

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